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How to get SAHID ConneXion Membership

Register Sahid ConneXion Membership DIGITAL CARD

Register Homepage / Mobile App

Fill out the registration application

Finished registration

Digital card is complete

  1. Download and Install L.POINT Indonesia Mobile App at:

  2. Open the app and choose “Registrasi”
  3. Input your basic information such as Name, Social ID (KTP/KITAS/PASSPORT), and Date of Birth
  4. - If you HAVE already got your L.POINT Card before, kindly input your L.POINT Card Number or registered Phone Number
    - If you HAVE NOT registered, continue to the next screen
  5. Click check on “Setuju” to agree the terms and conditions of L.POINT Membership
  6. Input your e-mail address and password as your ID to log-in to the app.
    (Password must consist of 8-15 characters, combinations of Capital letter, lowercase, and number)
  7. Choose the sex information, input you phone number, and choose your complete address.
  8. Make sure that all information has been completed, then click “Registrasi Selesai”
  9. Input your email ID and password that has been created before, and click Log-In
  10. After logging into the Home screen, click “Card” icon, and click “Panduan dan Penerbitan Kartu”
  11. Click “SAHID ConneXion Mobile Card” and click “Penerbitan Kartu”, then input your password again to confirm and click “OK”
  12. Check your data again, and click check on “Syarat dan Ketentuan”, then click “Penerbitan Kartu” and click “OK”
  13. You will be directed back to the Home screen and your SAHID ConneXion Digital Card will be shown up on your Card choices.

Register Sahid ConneXion Membership PHYSICAL CARD

Visit Sahid hotels

Fill out the registration application

Finished registration

Physical card.

  1. Visit our loyalty program staff (FO/GRO) at Sahid hotels and inform that you want to register SAHID ConneXion Membership and get the physical card.
  2. Fill the application form that has been prepared by loyalty program staff (FO/GRO)
  3. Give back the completed application form to the loyalty program staff (FO/GRO), and you will receive the SAHID ConneXion Membership Card


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